Soap and Hand Sanitizer on the Go!


By Maribel Colon

Soap and Hand Sanitizer on the Go!

In times like this, we all have to make arrangements and modifications to our lifestyle.  That also includes our business and priorities.

We are grateful that even during these challenging times you are here to support us and I am super grateful now, more than ever because you are the ones keeping us thriving (and belly feds ;-).

So, we went above and beyond to source some certified hand sanitizer and we will be providing a traveling size with every single purchase while quantities last.

For orders beyond $50, we will be including our mini soap cubes as well!

That way we can support each other while keeping us safe as well ;-)


Yes, I can't conclude without asking all of you to stay safe, practice distance, stay at home as long as possible, watch your hands more often and for a longer period of time, use sanitizer if the soap is not an option (although now you can take it with you with our convenient kit), don't touch your face until you washed your hands, clean every surface, remove and keep away until cleaned, any clothes and purse you used while being out, stay current on where to go or call in case of an emergency, ask for help, stay hydrated and consume supplements and vitamins, connect by phone and media with your love ones, speak up if you are feeling depressed or anxious...

We are all on this together, we are stronger than we think, we will thrive!

And of course, you can get the traveling kit by itself here

Love you all, besos y abrazos!!!


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