About Us

Born from the desire to create a sensual line of high performance face and body skincare with rejuvenating rituals that celebrate a woman’s natural sensuality – MareLuna is an oasis for hardworking women to indulge in their femininity.

We’re on a mission to provide women with luxurious and tantalizing products that unleash your sexy, powerful feminine side. MareLuna – which in Spanish means the collision of sea and moon – is a celebration of a strong, sensual, and wild woman full of life and indulgences. 

MareLuna invites women to leave work, stigma, and society expectations behind and enjoy a sexy night out. Or a sensual night in. Whether that means alone time with a great book, a glass of wine, candles, and a bath soak… or a rendezvous that leads to a steamy overnight fling.

Are you ready to join the movement?

About The Founder

As a native Caribbean islander, Maribel grew up learning about natural remedies – especially potent botanicals. After severely burning her hand, she found conventional scar treatments didn’t work and were filled with harmful (and worthless) ingredients. So, she created her own personal brand of natural skincare products.

Later on, by acquiring more experience as a Chemical Engineer and biotechnologist, Maribel combined the best of both worlds – powerful natural ingredients and biotech to create what many call a high performance skincare “miracle” that harnesses the power of a botanical foundation and science for glowing radiant skin with products that were both, safe and efficient.

But she didn’t stop there...

Maribel is also on a mission to end the double standards and stigma that powerful and hardworking women face everyday.

“We believe in liberation from being the ‘nice girl’ and creating a safe space where women can express all sides of themselves and fully enjoy our bodies”
– Maribel Colón

As an engineer, she works in a male-dominated field knows first-hand what it’s like to navigate the “boys club.” 

Maribel aims to change that. She created MareLuna to be a safe space for women, not just to pamper their skin and bodies in luxurious skincare and colors but also, to express their #bosslady by day and unapologetically reconnect to sensuality at night...

Without guilt, shame, or inhibitons!


Introducing LOLA, MareLuna’s "Speaker"!

 LOLA is street smart and fiercely. She has a wild soul and works hard. No longer does she play the “good girl” game. Lola is unapologetic about expressing her sensual wild side and breaks all taboos and laughs at society’s ridiculous stigmas against women. She no longer vilifies herself for seeking and enjoying pleasure - whether it’s materialistic, self-indulgent, or erotic.

 Lola knows that as hard as she works in the corporate world - she needs to recharge. She needs to unwind and reconnect to her innermost self – that speaks to the deep desires of her sensual soul. Off the clock, Lola leaves work behind and lives a pleasurable and sexy life. She pampers her body and skin with MareLuna’s luxurious and spa-like treatments at night, overnight, and early morning – perhaps after a late-night out.

 Lola is fun-loving and frisky. She breaks the rules. She’s daring. And loves herself. She is smart, have boundaries, is sexy AF, and no matter her lifestyle choice, she is unapologetic and has liberated herself from past insecurities and constraints of double standards. She’s in most authentic self and lets the world see her true self.

And she is here to share her and others real life stories to collectively support and empower each other's on this journey of liberation and pleasure!

Come and let us know your story...




Cosmetics Industry Expert

A respected cosmetics consultant, chemical engineer, QA & Regulatory Compliance Director, Cannabis Compliance Consultant, Certified Executive Coach, and IIN Holistic Wellness Coach, Maribel Colón holds organic formulation certifications and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She’s also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

 Maribel frequently speaks on industry panels and authors articles for the Cosmetics and LifeScience industries.

She's also an empowering speaker on women retreats, affinity groups, and corporate activities, including hispanics and diversity groups.