MareLuna has been proudly featured on national TV, in print magazines, amd trusted by Celebreties Makeup Artist:


Revista de Fiesta :: British Vogue :: Tattler Magazine :: CBDFollow :: Beaute by Marina (using our product to groming the Fabulous guys of Queer Eye  :: 7 Little Johnstons :: Red Hot Chili Pepper and many others models and events)




MareLuna is more than a clean beauty multi-performance skincare line.

We have an empowering social message for women


By fomenting education and empowerment to ending the double standards that we are still facing toward today's women. 

And what better way that engaging in the freedom of embracing our sensuality, breaking stigmas around our desires and learning that we are equals not just professionally but as human beings seeking pleasure in every aspecs of our lives, how we want it, when we want it and with whom we want it.

Without specific set of rules, types, or styles.  Every woman is allowed to enjoy her journey the way that works better for them.

We are here to support that journey and to let them they are not alone and of course, to remind them that yes, they are allowed to feel!



MareLuna and its founder Maribel Colón are on a mission to end the double standards and society stigmas that powerful and hardworking women face everyday.


“We believe in liberation from being the ‘nice girl’ and creating a safe space where women can express all sides of themselves and fully enjoy and use our bodies whatever we pleased”

– Maribel Colón, founder of MareLuna